100 SWIMDOW Swimming Mask, Size L - Black Blue

NABAIJIReference: 2397628

Size: L
Rs 4,990


Designed for beginner indoor or outdoor swimmers who want a very comfortable swimming mask with a panoramic field of vision. The SWIMDOW swim mask combines extreme comfort and a panoramic field of vision. No need to adjust, the very elastic strap will fit different head sizes.

FIELD OF VISION Panoramic field of vision
NOSE BRIDGE TYPE One-piece nose bridge
Pack of 1
FOGGING The appearance of fog depends on several factors, the difference in temperature between the body and the water, humidity levels, etc. Wear due to friction is one of the main causes. If your goggles fog up, dip your lenses in the water and a protective film will reform. After a certain amount of time it is normal for the performance of the anti-fog coating to be diminished. We offer an anti-fog marker that reactivates an ageing anti-fog treatment and makes your goggles last longer.
CHOICE OF SIZE Swim mask watertightness depends on correctly adjusting the silicone seals to fit the face shape. Before purchase, we advise you to do the "suction" test without the strap. If the goggles stay on the face by themselves via slight suction, the product will be watertight during your swim. This also enables you to spot any areas of discomfort or annoyance when the model is on the face. This model comes in size S (narrow faces) and size L
HOW TO ADJUST YOUR MASK This swimming mask moulds to the morphology of your face without needing to be excessively tight. A mask that is too tight can cause discomfort, leave marks and even create water inlet holes. It is not necessary to press against the lenses with your hands, a light suction effect is usually enough for swimming sessions without water inlet holes. The straps ideally should rest 2 to 3cm above your ears. This position with optimise the grip and comfort of the mask.
CARE - PRECAUTIONS We recommend: - rinsing your mask (only if necessary) by simply dipping it in water - avoiding directing powerful jets of water at the inner surface of the lenses. - storing the mask in its case after each session to prevent damage to the lenses (on the inner surface there is an anti-fog coating and on the outer surface to prevent scratches) - not exposing it to temperatures of over 60°c DO NOT TOUCH/RUB THE INSIDE OF YOUR LENSES
UV PROTECTION Complies with standard: Q/BT 4734 - 2014, all the Nabaiji swimming goggles protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays when used normally, regardless of the lens tint. Looking directly at the sun is dangerous and can lead to irreversible eye damage.
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice After use, store the swimming mask in its case. Important: Do not touch the inside of the lenses to avoid damaging the anti-fog treatment
Country Of Origin China

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