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Intermediate boxers looking for versatile gloves for regular training while sparring or with the punching bag. Check out our boxing gloves specially designed to protect your hand! Thanks to dual-density ergonomic foam and a circular cuff to secure the wrist.

Pack of 1
A glove that perfectly hugs your hand. To design this glove, we studied the anatomy of the hand in collaboration with the Decathlon SportsLab. This is how we created an ergonomic glove that fits the shape of your hand perfectly by following its natural curves (from the thumb to the little finger). So the foam is always in contact with your fingers, guaranteeing optimal cushioning during strikes.
A glove that fits your wrist. To provide greater wrist support, we extended the foam to the wrist to create a shaped cuff which makes it easier to put on the glove. And to tighten your glove more easily, we developed a circular elastic band that goes around the wrist and tightens like a strap. The result is that your glove is perfectly adapted to your shape and provides exceptional support.
Dual-density foam (Dx2) The 500 Ergo Boxing Glove is suited to regular boxing, both for sparring and punching bag training. So to adapt to your workouts, we designed a glove with dual-density foam: the inner layer provides optimal comfort with a very soft density, and the outer, denser layer ensures hand protection for both sparring and punching bag training. And for even more protection, the thumb is sewn to the rest of the glove.
We are proud to present... A product that we designed from scratch. The first thing that we wanted was a glove that ensured greater support, comfort, and cushioning. The next step was a 3-person design team, anatomic studies with the SportsLab, numerous prototypes, a good relationship with our supplier, and use tests with a dozen high-level boxers. So we are pleased to offer a versatile, ergonomic, and comfortable product.
Why wear wraps or inner gloves? For optimal protection of your hands and gloves, be sure to wear: - INNER GLOVES that are easy to put on. They stop your hands rubbing and absorb perspiration to make your gloves last longer. OR - BOXING WRAPS, a basic boxing accessory! They are designed to support your joints (metacarpals and wrists) while absorbing perspiration.
WHICH SIZE SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? The size of gloves is given in ounces (the measurement used worldwide for boxing gloves). Boxers choose their gloves based on their body weight and the kind of boxing they do. For more information, see our size grid.
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice Remember to take your gloves out of your sports bag after every session to help them dry faster; you can also use our glove dryer.
Country Of Origin China,Pakistan

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