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Our athlete-designers developed these shoes without laces for kids starting athletics at school or in a club twice a week.. In order to start running with a more natural feel, this lightweight shoe, which is easy to get on, is great for the first steps of your kid on an athletics track

Gender KIDS
Pack of 1
What's zero drop? The drop of a shoe is the difference in sole height between the forefoot and the heel. Scientific studies conducted by our research lab (the SportsLab) have shown that a zero drop allows for a more natural stride, similar to a barefoot running stride. This natural stride allows for better absorption of shock waves when running and strengthens your kid's muscles and tendons in the long term.
What about the natural stride? Athletics Easy is based on 3 criteria for a natural stride as similar as possible to barefoot running: - Zero drop, so that the middle of the foot lands before the heel - Lightweight for a more fluid stride - Flexibility for easier roll-through with the midfoot Result: the energy from ground contact is transmitted to the back leg muscles, which absorb the vibrations better.
A design chosen for kids... and based on parents' feedback. For these shoes, our team focused on the needs of budding athletes and their parents' feedback: - The rubber pads at the front and back of the sole increase its grip - The Velcro strap allows kids to put on and take off their shoes themselves - The inner strap retains your kid's foot effectively - Reinforcements in the front, back and sides of the upper offer your kid more support and protection
Our design team is proud to present... ... a beautiful, lightweight and affordable shoe. Achieving this involved a team of 15 people, a lot of back-and-forth movement, consideration of your opinions, teamwork with SportsLab, lab tests followed by field tests and the desire to offer an affordable shoe adapted to the natural stride of kids starting sports. The result: "Great shoes designed with bucketfuls of common sense that are fully suited to athletics."
Carole, product manager, and Maxime, engineer at SportsLab, talk about Athletics Easy and the natural stride "We based ourselves on the assumption that the body is naturally well-built and has everything it needs for running. The whole story of natural stride begins when your kid takes up sport. That's the reason we came up with these shoes." "The point is not to go against nature and learn how to run again: it's something that happens naturally. And when your kid takes up athletics, these shoes foster his natural movement and help him develop in the sport."
Did you know? The fit of kids' and adult shoes are not the same! Junior athletics shoes are specifically designed for kids' feet. A kid's foot is proportionally slimmer and less voluminous in the shoe than an adult's. Give your young growing athletes space so they don't feel restricted when doing sport. If an adult chooses a shoe designed for kids, his foot movements are restricted, which has a direct impact on the body!
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice For more durability, we recommend leaving the shoes to dry outdoors.
Country Of Origin Bangladesh,China

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