Childrens Hike 100 Hiking skort- navy blue

QUECHUAReference: 2188398

Age Group: 8 Years
Rs 1,990


Get a hiking shorts skirt to head out on excursions with a light and comfortable garment. No extras!

Gender GIRLS'
Pack of 1
Durability of the components Resistance to wear and impact test: for example, we check that the fleeces do not pill using tests conducted in laboratories. Colour retention test: the colour fastness is verified to make sure that the colours do not bleed when coming into contact with saliva. Ageing test: repeated washing should not affect the fabric's properties, performance, thickness or appearance.
Technical data Elastic waistband to fit children of different morphologies. 1 hand pocket. short skirt (showing shorts) for ease during walking
A score to compare the environmental impact of products The environmental impact of each product is calculated for the product's entire life cycle using different indicators. A general ABCDE rating is attributed to help you identify the most eco-friendly products by comparing similar types of product to each other (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.). Decathlon is committed to displaying environmental information. For more information:
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice Store folded in a clean and dry place.
Country Of Origin Bangladesh,China,India,Vietnam

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