Cross Training Push-Up Wheel

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Our teams created this product for doing exercises such as push-ups and core work to strengthen your entire body. Looking for a small, fun and versatile accessory? The Push-Up Wheel is perfect

Pack of 1
All about our 4-in-1 product that adapts to any fitness level: - Using just the handles lets you do press-ups with your wrists straight for a more practical position and wider range of movement. - Using the rounded base under the handles lets you do unstable press-ups to boost the difficulty of the exercise - and your results! - The wheeled base lets you place your feet on them to work your legs. - The set can be turned into an Ab Wheel to work your abs.
What is instability work? Instability exercises work more of your muscles, and especially your stabilising muscles. The benefit of doing these types of exercises is that they are just as effective as exercises using heavier weights on a stable surface, but with a lower risk of injury. The Push-Up Wheel Grips let you add instability to press-ups and core exercises.
An accessory for a full-body workout, for all fitness levels: In addition to working your arms, legs and pecs and core with a single accessory, the Push-Up Wheel Grips can be adapted to your level. For beginners, using the grips makes it easier to do exercises such as press-ups or mountain climbers. As you start to get stronger, you can then use the wheels and rounded bases to add instability and increase the level of difficulty - and your results!
A few details on how to you to use the Push-Up Wheel Grips: For more effective and practical use, avoid using on tiles with wide joints or on carpet: the wheels don't work very well with them. Each Push-Up Wheel Grip is 19 cm long x 15.5 cm wide x 10.5 cm high. And yes, they are sold in pairs. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can do press-ups while wearing a weighted vest or using resistance bands!
A note from our design team on the story of the Push-Up Wheel Grips: "It was an incredible technical challenge to bring all these functions together while keeping the product affordable for fitness enthusiasts. This is one of our first training products for the entire body. We worked hard on the prototypes and did a lot of testing. This is a truly innovative product. It's compact and versatile, and it's really a great design, especially the handles."
Warranty 2 Years
Country Of Origin China,Poland

for all your strength training exercises. You can do a variety of exercises!


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