Double-sided quick sharpener

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Designed to sharpen all knives with a blade angle of 20°. The tool allows you to sharpen all types of knife efficiently, quickly and easily, in complete safety. 1 carbide side and 1 ceramic side for finishing the edge. Ideal for 20° blades.

Pack of 1
Dimensions and weight Length: 8.5 cm. Height: 6.5 cm. Weight: 60 g.
Use To sharpen efficiently: Pass the blade edge 5 times on the "carbide" (metal) side, sharpening from the handle towards the tip, then 5 times on the "ceramic" (white) side, pressing firmly but without too much pressure. Repeat as many times as necessary to get the edge you want. 20° angle, ideal for the following knives: AXIS 75, AXIS 85, SIKA 90, SIKA 200 and multi-function x7 big game knife.
Safety Be careful not to touch the blade edge with your fingers while sharpening the knife. Make sure you grip the knife handle properly with your fingers and keep them safely out of the way to avoid cutting yourself while you use the sharpener.
Warranty 2 Years
Country Of Origin China

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