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Our teams designed this 500 trampoline with elasticated technology that makes it suitable for use in the home and silent.. Want to easily exercise at home without taking up too much space? Our 500 trampoline is just what you need! Its foldable feet guarantee a compact design.

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BENEFIT #1: ENDURANCE ENDURANCE: You will bounce on the trampoline at varying cadences. This works your entire body so you can develop your cardio fitness and burn calories.
BENEFIT #2: Toning TONING: Trampolines require control and constant muscular engagement. You target the lower limbs, the core and, depending on the exercise, your upper body (arms, shoulders, chest, back).
BENEFIT #3: BALANCE BALANCE: The constant instability on the canvas strengthens your deep muscles and stabilisers and improves your balance.
WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS Fit Trampo 500 dimensions: diameter: 105cm/height: 23.5cm Fit Trampo 500 weight: 10.4kg Box dimensions: 106x106x8.7cm Box weight: 12.6kg
GRIP AND STABILITY Our biggest focus throughout the product development phase was the trampoline's grip on the floor as well as its stability, because we want every user to feel safe when exercising. The entire metal structure and the material on the feet have been tested for several hours so that you can train with peace of mind.
BOUNCE QUALITY The Fit Trampo 500 trampoline has 24 elastic bands for a dynamic yet silent bounce. To keep you safe as you bounce, the elastic bands are covered with synthetic fabric.
SUPPORTING YOUR TRAINING With the Decathlon Coach app (available in French and English), you can enjoy coaching programmes designed by our Domyos trainers. There are several programmes available to help you achieve your goals and boost your motivation.
AFTER-SALES SERVICE If you have any questions or problems after purchasing your product, visit the Decathlon support website
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice Keep in a dry place, away from damp areas.
Country Of Origin China

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