Gliding Discs SL 500 - Blue/Red

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Our passionate weight training team has designed these gliding discs to increase the difficulty of your exercises on any type of floor surface.. Strengthen your whole body, and especially your bas, using these gliding discs! The SL 500s are easy to use and easy to carry so that you can build your muscles effectively anywhere you go.

Double-sided discs for all floors and the entire body. You can use the gliding discs to increase the difficulty of your training sessions and develop your strength, stability, endurance, coordination and flexibility. What's more, you can use them to do bodyweight exercises without overloading your joints. And because they are double sided, the sliders can be used on any surface: - The red foam side slides on hard surfaces. - The blue side slides on soft surfaces.
How do you train with sliders? The gliding discs let you build muscle and strengthen all of your muscle groups using bodyweight exercises. For example, you can put your feet on top when doing lunges. As well as helping you build muscle, this exercise is very good for runners. To find out more about all the exercises you can do with these sliders, check out the advice on the Decathlon Coach app and in the booklet that comes with the SL 500s!
Use these sliders to train your whole body, wherever you may be. On the Decathlon Coach app, available in French and English, you can find six circuits with eight exercises each: - 3 x 12-minute circuits: upper body, lower body, full body. - 3 x 30-minute circuits: upper body, lower body, full body. And because your sliders can be used on any floor, you can take them anywhere with you! Their small size and their bag mean that you can easily stick them in your holdall or suitcase.
What's the correct way to use the SL 500? Our design team gives you their advice: "It's a good idea to choose your exercises and adapt your range to suit your level of fitness. You don't need to perform the entire movement: the aim is to maintain the correct position with your back nice and straight. The important thing is to stay in control at all times."
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