Gym Ball / Swiss Ball Size 2 - 65 cm - Turquoise

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Which Gym Ball size should you choose? To choose the right size, please see the guide below. - Size 1 (diameter: 55 cm): For users who are less than 1.6 m tall and weigh less than 85 kg - Size 2 (diameter: 65 cm): For users who are less than 1.6 m tall and weigh more than 85 kg For users between 1.6 and 1.8 m tall who weigh less than 85 kg - Size 3 (diameter: 75 cm): For users who are taller than 1.7 m and weigh more than 85 kg Remember that you can download the user instructions below.
Inflating your Gym ball to a safe size We recommend using a pump (sold separately). Ref.: 8214626 / 8490986 Pump not included. After purchasing your gym ball, inflate it to the maximum dimensions for its size with the help of the tape measure. Size 1 = 55 cm, Size 2 = 65 cm and Size 3 = 75 cm. Next, check the size and adjust it if necessary so that your knees are at hip height when you are sitting on the ball. Remember that you can download the user instructions below.
What comes with the Gym ball?

The gym ball comes with: - 2 plugs, in case you misplace one of them - a plug remover to easily remove the plug when you want to inflate / deflate the ball - a tape measure, to inflate the ball correctly to a safe size - instructions for use - a training poster to teach you the basics. Remember that you can download the user instructions below:

exercises can you do with your Gym Ball? Don't know which exercise to start with, or how to get your posture right? Take a look at the poster below:$cb1af4a5efa477ea4606585f44e5ef7b/poster%20definitif%20pixl.pdf (Copy and paste the link in your web browser) Download our poster on your smartphone or print it out to gain access to a dozen free exercises developed by our design teams as well as qualified sports coaches!
Ball weight 2000 g
Why is our Gym Ball not suitable for office use? Our ball is designed for fitness activities, it's therefore not suitable for office use. Restrictions associated with office appropriate products prevent us from recommending it for this purpose. However, we know what you want and we have a special surprise in the works just for you!
What if you lose your two Gym Ball plugs Don't worry! This year, we're offering the option to buy plugs as spare parts in the store's workshop. So wait no longer, visit your nearest Decathlon store.
Warranty 2 Years

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