Hunting Torch 100 Lumens Zoom - Black

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Designed for big game stalking and hide hunting. Also suitable for drives and waterfowl hunting. Move around at night without being spotted by animals using the wider, softer beam, or search for a wounded animal in the dark using a narrower concentrated beam, its up to you.

Pack of 1
Power and lighting range Wide zoom setting: - 50% power: range 8 m, 40 Lumens, 20 hours battery life - 100% power: range 15 m, 100 Lumens, 8 hours battery life Narrow zoom setting: - 50% power: range 60 m, 4 Lumens, 20 hours battery life - 100% power: range 100 m, 14 Lumens, 8 hours battery life
Modes and functions Turn on torch by firmly pressing the button on the back. Change modes by short, light pressure on the button on the back of the torch. 3 available modes: 50% power, 100% power, flashing To activate the zoom, simply push in or pull out the lit head of the torch.
Power supply 2 x AA LR6 batteries supplied with the flashlight.
Waterproof The torch is rated IPX4. This means that the torch is water resistant and therefore designed for all climatic conditions. The test is carried out by spraying water: at 10 litres per minute, for 5 minutes.
Warranty 2 Years
Country Of Origin China

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