Kids' Boxing Full Face Headguard 500 - Red

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Size: S/52-55cm
Rs 12,990


Young boxers wishing to protect the main areas of the head when boxing with a partner.. This full face head guard gives you protection in the main impact zones: chin, forehead, ears and cheekbones. Specially designed for kids with an innovative dressing system.




3 protection zones




1 U



Full protection.

To keep boxing fun, teach your kids the right habits: wearing protective equipment! This full face helmet has a 360-degree headband over the top of the skull. It also protects the chin, cheekbones, and ears. With reinforced protections on the ears to prevent a suction effect. We added elastics on the top of the skull so that the helmet doesn't slide down during training.

A helmet designed specifically for kids

Kids are not small adults - they have age-specific psychomotor skills. So a kid's boxing helmet should not simply be a smaller version of an adult helmet. This observation was the starting point for our engineers and the Decathlon Sports Lab, our research and development lab, for developing a specific model of helmet that is adapted to the needs and abilities of our youngest boxers.

Tested and approved by kids.

To test the ease of putting it on, we conducted a study with around twenty kids in order to compare our helmet with other helmets on the market. We can confirm: our helmet is easier to put on than the majority of other kids' helmets on the market.

Choosing your kids' helmet

For your child, there are two types of helmet based on your needs: - The Full Face Helmet 500 ensures complete protection of the cheekbones and chin. - The Full Face Helmet 100 ensures optimal protection of the entire face, since it prevents any contact with an opponent's glove.

Choosing the right size

To choose the right size, you need to measure the circumference of your kid's head (around their forehead). Kid helmets are designed for heads measuring 52 to 55 cm. Above that, choose an adult head guard.


2 Years

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