Massage Kit: massage roller/foam roller, ball, massage stick

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Try an after-sport self-massage with this 3-in-1 kit. Each accessory enables a deep muscle massage.. Relax your muscles with a massage! This kit includes a massage roller, a ball and a stick for full body massage. The ball and the stick are stored in the roller.




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How to massage yourself with a massage accessory?

The massage accessories (roller, ball or stick) are used after sport and allow you to massage yourself. For an effective massage, spend at least 5 minutes massaging each muscle group. You can massage yourself just after your outing, in the evening or even on the following day. Why not watch our videos, and see exactly how to use each of the products according to the muscle zone you're massaging.

What is the massage roller (Foam roller) for?

The massage roller provides a deep massage of the muscles thanks to the body weight. It features hard, structural foam for deep, intense massage. It rolls along the ground, and its shape is perfectly suited to your back, thighs, calves.

What is the massage ball for?

The massage ball provides a deep massage of muscles focussed on particular points: contraction points (knots) and trigger points. Its shape perfectly embraces the arch of your foot, you back, calves and you roll it on the ground (feet, calves) along the wall (back)

What is the massage stick for?

The massage stick allows deep massaging of your muscles. You can exert as much pressure as you choose, depending on what intensity and depth of massage you're after. Perfect for thigh and calf massages.

What are the kit's dimensions?

Length: 420 mm Diameter: 128 mm


2 Years

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