Men swimming boxer shorts - printed black blue

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Designed for intermediate swimmers looking for durable and comfortable long boxer shorts with more coverage, to confidently enjoy improving skills in the water.. Men's BOXER LONG 500 YOKO swim shorts are ideal for regular sessions and provide extra coverage, so that you can enjoy swimming. Feel confident, session after session.

Gender MEN'S
Pack of 1
STYLE LONG SHORTS – length 32cm, good mid-thigh coverage LONG SHORTS are ideal for those who prefer a shape with more coverage than regular swim shorts. A swimsuit should primarily favour comfort. It should enable you to move with ease. That is why it is important to choose the shape of your swimwear carefully.
MATERIAL Our engineers have developed a Polyester-based textile and replaced the elastane fibres with PBT fibres that give it sufficient elasticity to ensure user comfort whilst protecting it against the damaging effects of chlorine. The benefits of this PBT thread are that it is - quick drying. - only loses 3 to 4% resistance throughout its lifespan. - Even the brightest of colours will retain their colour-fastness.
AQUARESIST TECHNOLOGY Products bearing the AQUARESIST label are guaranteed to deliver chlorine resistance throughout their lifespan. They will maintain their elasticity and are UV resistant. For these reasons they are recommended for regular or intensive pool use.
Score to compare the environmental impact of products The environmental impact of the product is calculated over its entire life cycle and with different indicators. An overall score (ABCDE) is attributed to help you easily identify the products with the best environmental performance by comparing products of the same type with one another (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.). Decathlon chose to apply this voluntary environmental labelling scheme. Website: Explanatory video:
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice Store the swim shorts in a dry place.
Country Of Origin China,Tunisia,Vietnam

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