Men's Recycled Polyester Gym Shorts with Zip Pockets - Navy

DOMYOSReference: 4105350

Size: 28" / XS (L33)
Rs 2,290



These ultra-comfortable fitness shorts offer excellent value for money and are eco-designed to boot!. When your workout takes you from squats to running, you need shorts that can handle it all! With a terry towelling waistband and elasticised fabric, these shorts offer the best value for money.






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UK 30" / EU S : 74cm-77cm , UK 32" / EU M : 78cm-81cm , UK 34" / EU L : 82cm-89cm , UK 37" / EU XL : 90cm-1m , UK 41" / EU 2XL : 1.01m-1.11m , UK 44" / EU 3XL : *

Fitness shorts or running shorts: what's the difference?

When doing fitness activities, you move in all directions. That means you need shorts that are long enough to keep you covered when you bend over or do movements like squats. When raising your legs or doing lunges, you need a stretchy, breathable fabric to follow your every move and provide good moisture management. All our products were designed to meet these needs which are different to running!

The 360° concept: clothes that move with you!

An example? All our T-shirts feature a special cut to keep your stomach covered when you raise your arms. All our shorts were designed to let you move in every direction without getting in your way. Our R&D lab always chooses the best components to meet your needs. The result: Fabrics and a look that suit your sport! This is the 360° concept: high-tech enjoyment.

Are products tested before being sold?

"Of course! All our fabrics must successfully pass rigorous lab tests to ensure your comfort and safety. We test them for colourfastness, resistance to repeated washing, perspiration wicking and more. We call these our "torture tests". And after that? Is that it? No, there's more. We then have sports users put our products through the ringer. We listen to and analyse their feedback to fix what needs to be improved. And only then is your sports clothing ready!


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