Mountain Bike Hand Pump - Red

BTWINReference: 2770694

Rs 2,990


VALVE TYPE Schrader - Large valve
PUMP TYPE Hand pump
PRESSURE Maximum 5 Bars / 72,51 PSI
Quantity 1 U
Size * : *
Small and large valves Connects to all types of valve (Presta, Schrader, Dunlop) by screwing in. Adapts using the dual head.
Double piston Allows effective inflation by taking in a large quantity of air.
Protective cover The inflation head is protected from mud, dirt, and everything else you can ride through!
Its major advantage Stop looking for your hose, this one is directly attached to the pump. This versatile piece is no stranger to spokes and can easily fit between them.
How to use your pump 1) Open the anti-dirt cover. 2) Pull the hose out as much as possible using the pump's head. 3) Select the connector that matches your inner tube valve (black: large valve (Schrader) and grey: thin valve (Presta). 4) Fully screw the head onto the valve. 5) Unscrew the handle by rotating it.
Country Of Origin China

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