NH500 Protect men’s country walking waterproof over-trousers - black

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Size: 28" / XS (L30)
Rs 2,990


Our walking-enthusiast designers have developed these trousers for your lowland, forest or coastal walks: back-up protection for rainy weather.
Looking for back-up protection agst rain, so nothing slows you down in the great outdoors?These lightweight over-trousers are compressible & wtpf, & will be suited to all trails over flatter terrain.

Gender MEN'S
SCHMERBER 2.000 mm
Pack of 1
Waterproofing of the garment This garment has been validated in a shower test under 60 litres of water/sqm/hour for 2 hours. This test reproduces the average conditions of a rain shower. The fabric of these overtrousers has water-repellent properties: it lets water slide over its surface without seeping in. This prevents the fabric from soaking up water and keeps it lightweight and breathable. The water repellent property is achieved by treating the fabric's exterior. What's more, all the seams are taped.
How to ensure your overtrousers stay waterproof over time In order to maintain good waterproofing over time, the fabric's water repellent properties must be regularly reactivated. We recommend doing this every three washes or after a dozen uses in the rain. The waterproof property is easily reactivated by warming the fabric: either in your tumble dryer or with a hair dryer, for example, over a relatively short period. Rinse thoroughly after washing.
Waterproof rating expressed in mm or schmerber We measure a fabric's resistance to water pressure, expressed in terms of the height of a water column in mm (based on the ISO 811 standard). The higher the water pressure, the more waterproof the fabric. A component with a waterproof rating of 2,000 mm can therefore withstand the pressure exerted by a 2,000 mm water column.
Component breathability To find out whether a fabric is breathable, we measure its evaporative resistance of the textile (RET) based on the ISO 11092 standard. The lower the fabric's resistance, the more water vapour generated by physical activity can escape, and the higher the fabric's breathability. - RET < 9 = extremely breathable fabric - 9 < RET < 12 = very breathable fabric - 12 < RET < 20 = breathable fabric - RET > 20 = little or no breathability
A score for comparing products' environmental impact On a scale of A to E, this product obtained a score of B. The environmental impacts of our products are calculated over their entire life cycle. A score is given to each product so that you can easily identify the more eco-friendly products within a particular family (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks). Decathlon is a voluntary supporter of this environmentally-friendly labelling approach.
Working towards more environmentally-friendly dyes Our teams work to find innovative processes that reduce water consumption or water pollution during the production process. The "dope dying" (bulk dying) process saves up to 60% of water and significantly reduces the amount of CO2 emitted. This also reduces colour fading in the garment over time. As of 2019, we are now using this new procedure on these over-trousers.
How to choose your waterproof overtrousers based on your outings and level of exertion? During a sporting activity, you perspires to varying degrees, depending on the intensity or length of the effort. If the fabric's breathability is not suited to the type of activity/exercise, your perspiration will condense inside the jacket. You feel damp inside: this isn't rain getting through, but condensation from sweat. You therefore need to choose over-trousers in line with your activity type. This product is designed for 2-hour hikes at no more than 5km/h.
Warranty Our hiking overtrousers are guaranteed for 2 years. Our commitment? To offer you long-lasting products that you can use on all your country hikes and walks. Because the products we love the most are those that have a story behind them... and plenty of life in them yet!
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice It is important to always make sure that the trousers completely dry before putting them away.
Country Of Origin Bangladesh,China,Ethiopia,India,Morocco,Russian Federation,Vietnam

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