Onnight 100 - 80 Lumens Trekking Head Torch - Black

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Our team of mountain trekking enthusiasts developed this head torch for use on relatively easy trails, in bivouacs and shelters. The ONNIGHT100 is a versatile, comfortable, easy-to-use head torch. The flexible casing protects it from impact and water. The FORCLAZ torch that is suitable for all situations.

Gender ADULT
POWER TYPE Batteries
LIGHTING TYPES White Mode - Warm Light
WATERPROOFNESS Splashing rain / water (IPX4)
RECLINING Without inclination
MAXIMAL POWER 50 Lumens < power < 100 Lumens
LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY Classic LED lighting (progressive discharge)
TYPE OF BEAM Wide beam
Pack of 1
LIGHTING MODES The ONNIGHT 100 head torch has 3 modes suited to every situation: - Red mode to stay discreet in a refuge, or preserve your night vision - Eco mode for walking or use when bivouacking - Power mode when hiking on paths
BATTERY TYPE Operates with 3 LR03-AAA batteries (supplied)
OPTIC BEAM The wide beam of the ONNIGHT 100 diffuses light uniformly so you can see in front of you and to the sides
LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY Classic LED lighting: lighting performance gradually decreases as batteries lose charge in order to save power.
CONSTRUCTION Monobloc design for optimal compactness. The flexible SEBS casing provides simple access to the batteries whilst protecting the head torch from impact and rain. The ONNIGHT 100's button is designed to be easy to handle with mittens, while avoiding accidentally switching it on in your bag.
SIZE (L x H x D) 60 x 40 x 31 mm (not including band)
HEADBAND Removable, washable headband. Composition: 70% polyester and 30% natural rubber for maximum comfort. The two symmetrical buckles facilitate tightening. The ONNIGHT 100 head torch adapts to fit all head sizes, including children and adults, as well as mountain helmets.
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice When storing for a long period, remove the batteries from the product. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Country Of Origin China,India

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