OnNight 210 Trail Running Head Torch 100 Lumens - Blue

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Trail runners wanting to light their way to avoid obstacles when running at night.. This head torch is comfortable and stays securely in place thanks to the battery pack at the rear and an additional removable strap. Ideal for trail running.

Gender ADULT
POWER TYPE Batteries
Pack of 1
LIGHT SETTINGS The ONNIGHT 210 head torch has 3 settings to suit every situation: - high mode (60m range) for optimum vision on difficult trails or in forests - eco mode (30m range) for maximum battery life on roads or smooth paths - flashing mode for indicating your presence
BATTERY TYPE Works with 3 LR03-AAA batteries (supplied)
OPTICAL BEAM The focused beam of the ONNIGHT 210 head torch has a long range while consuming relatively little energy. At a range of 10 m, the beam lights up a 3 m-wide road or forest path.
LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY Conventional LED lighting: the brightness gradually diminishes as the batteries lose charge in order to preserve battery life.
CONSTRUCTION The two-part construction of the ONNIGHT 210 distributes the weight of the head torch more effectively. At the front: lightweight 15g light module to prevent the pendulum effect. At the rear, the 55g rechargeable battery located near the neck makes it feel lighter.
HEADBAND Detachable and washable headband.Composition: 70% polyester and 30% natural rubber for optimal comfort. The adjustable strap on the ONNIGHT 210 suits all head sizes, both children and adults.
WARRANTY AND AFTER-SALES SERVICE DECATHLON products are guaranteed 2 years.
SPARE PARTS DECATHLON parts are available for 2 years after purchase in the workshop at the your local store.
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice Remove the batteries when storing for a prolonged period.
Country Of Origin China,India

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