Orange iInflatable swim ring 51 cm for children of 3 to 6 years

NABAIJIReference: 96795

Size: .
Rs 1,990


Designed for children from age 3 to 6 discovering the water. Thanks to its two inflation chambers, this swim ring provides a lot of stability. The inflation chambers are fitted with one-way check valves. Only use under adult supervision.

Gender KIDS
SPORTS PERSON'S WEIGHT 18kg < Weight < 25kg
LEVEL OF EASE Water discovery
Pack of 1
Nabaiji's three LEARNING TO SWIM experiences Nabaiji offers 3 experiences: Discovering the water, Discovering swimming and Discovering underwater. The swim ring is part of the "Discover water" experience: The child discovers the water environment and needs buoyancy to help him gain confidence in this new environment. The swim ring will allow the child to move in the water whilst having fun. However, be warned, the swim ring is not a buoyancy aid but a toy.
Age 3 to 6 years
Dimensions Inside diameter: 19cm Outside diameter: 51 cm
Product weight About 170 g
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice Store in a dry, ventilated place away from direct light
Country Of Origin China,Thailand

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