Single Seater Rigid Kayak

TRIBORDReference: 2124986

Rs 89,990


Pack of 1
Handle Used to carry the Kayak from the two ends
Maximum load (Inclusive of Baggage) 100kg
Weight of Kayak 19kg
Material of Kayak UV Stabilised Polyethylene
Length x Breadth x Depth 2.7m x 0.78m x 0.27m
Moulded Footrest To have a grip on the Kayak using feet
Moulded Seat To sit comfortably in the Kayak
Scuppers Drainage holes present in the middle of the Kayak to drain excess water. It drains out the Excess water in the Kayak. While Kayaking, there will be a little bit water inside kayak and will vary as per weight load.
Bung To drain the shore water accumulated in the Kayak. Check that the Bung of the kayak is securely in place before launching the kayak. You should drain the space between the deck and the hull of any water accumulated due to condensation or seepage. It is the Drain Plug mounted at the Back End of the Kayak, never open it while Kayaking, it has to be used only at shore after kayaking for removing water from inside the Kayak.
Rope Lifeline- to hold onto your Kayak in case of need
UV Stabilisation To protect your Kayak from harmful UV rays
Storage chamber To keep your belongings safe after putting them into a dry bag
Balanced weight and thickness To make Kayak stable, especially for learners and advanced learners
High thickness at bow and stern To give impact resistance
Uniform thickness To give durability
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice Short Term: Vertically (Not on Bung) / Sideways – Empty any water inside; let the kayak ventilate Long Term: Follow Short term storage, Clean your kayak, Store out of direct sunlight
Country Of Origin India

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