ST 500 Mountain Bike Shorts - Blue

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Our team designed these shorts for mountain biking in warm weather for more than two hours.. Lightweight and durable shorts with built-in undershorts and clever pockets. Enjoy both support and freedom of movement on your bike. Bonus feature: snap your gloves directly to your shorts.

Gender MEN'S
STRAPS Without straps
UNDER-SHORT with removable shorts
Pack of 1
Keep your gloves handy! When mountain biking, gloves are often the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. To keep your gloves handy without having to dig through your pockets, these shorts have a loop at the waist. You can snap your ST 100 and ST 500 gloves on them using the press stud to keep them handy at all times.
About these shorts... To enjoy your rides more, these shorts feature two components: a stretch fabric to follow your every move and a durable fabric to prevent snags and tears. They are also lightweight and breathable for better moisture management. To give you greater freedom of movement when mountain biking, the waistband is elasticated for better fit and stretch. The cut was designed to keep the crotch from catching on the edges of the saddle.
Clever pockets To have everything you need when you head out for a ride, these shorts have clever pockets: - At the back, you'll find a secure zip pocket to hold keys, an ID, a debit card etc. - There is a waterproof secure zip pocket at the back of the thigh (easy to access, even with just one hand) that is specially placed to keep your smartphone safe if you fall. - Along the thigh are three pockets for cereal bars: just push up to slide them out.
The evolution of these shorts: from our ideas to your input We originally wanted to create a pair of shorts designed especially for mountain biking and to carry everything you need when riding. Our team of five designers spent 18 months working on studies, technologies, designs, prototypes and lab tests and gathering your input. We went to France and Italy to meet with around 30 mountain bikers to do functional and usage tests. The end result? A product that suits your sport and your needs!
Shorts, undershorts, pad? Our tips! The ST 500 shorts are sold with removable undershorts to change undershorts without changing the shorts (just like you would an undergarment)! The shorts and undershorts are sold attached. Before riding, remember to separate them! Why? Because each has their own role to play: - The undershorts are worn against the skin for comfort and support. - The shorts give you freedom of movement when riding.
Warranty 2 Years
Country Of Origin China,Vietnam

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