TR160 Graph Adult Tennis Racket - Black

ARTENGOReference: 2664696

Size: Grip 2
Rs 8,990


Our designers have developed this pure graphite racket to provide you with the best handling for your first practice sessions.
This tennis racket provides excellent manoeuvrability thanks to its weight / balance trade-off. It was designed in partnership with our qualified instructors.

Gender ADULT
WEIGHT <275g
BALANCE 31cm - 33cm
HEAD SIZE 646cm² - 660cm²
Pack of 1
WEIGHT Its weight (270 g) makes manoeuvring the head of the racket easier. For your information: - Less than 260g: light rackets for improved manoeuvrability. - 260 to 295g: classic rackets (intermediate) for versatility. - 300 to 315g: rackets for players who already have good technique and need more powerful strokes and precision. - 315g: rackets for top-level competitors.
BALANCE The TR160 Graph's 33 cm balance point makes racket handling very easy. As a result you will find it easier to swing the tennis racket and subsequently hit the ball trajectory you want.
INERTIA The trade-off between its weight (270g) and its balance (33cm) gives the TR160 Graph the weakest inertia of the entire range. You will therefore have a greater ease of playing.
STIFFNESS Thanks to its 100% graphite composition, the TR160 Graph has a rigidity (RA) of 68, which is 20% more than a racket made with aluminium. This lets you better reproduce energy while hitting. For your information: - Stiff frame: > 64 – 66 RA - Soft frame: < 64 – 66 RA.
HEAD SIZE The racket's 660 cm² head provides a comfortable surface to hit the ball. Thus, the racket is more forgiving to centring errors. This racket is much more forgiving. For more information on head sizes: - Midsize – small head size: < 625 cm² - Mid plus – standard head size: 626 - 677 cm² - Oversize – large head size: 678 – 742 cm² - Super oversize – very large head size: > 742 cm²
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice Avoid major temperature fluctuations.
Country Of Origin China

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