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Our team of enthusiasts designed this 5 L trail running bag for carrying your equipment and drinking comfortably during your first trail runs.. Want to succeed in your first trail runs without being weighed down? At only 140 g, the 5 L trail running bag remains comfortable while also holding your essentials!






5 L






Trail running from 0 to 25 km


1 U



A 5-litre EVADICT trail bag ready for your first trail runs or short-distance trail runs:

To assist you on your first trail runs, our design team developed an all-in-one bag that is simple and easy-to-use: - Available in a single size, it can be adjusted to fit you with its adjustment straps and its ergonomic shape. - Your bag is supplied with a 1 L water bladder and a rescue whistle so that you have all the mandatory trail running equipment you need close at hand. - The information leaflet on the bag gives you advice on how to prepare your equipment.

Some information on the rescue whistle and water bladder:

The rescue whistle and water bladder are part of a trail runner's mandatory equipment. So, to make preparation easier, they are already included in your 5 L bag! The rescue whistle, which can produce 110 db of sound, is in the small chest pocket, so you can reach it easily. The new water bladder has a volume of 1 L, which provides two hours of running time between drink stations.

How to manage your water bladder

Your water bladder has a volume of 1 L and dimensions of 30 x 16 cm. Its tube equipped with a bite valve is 100 cm long so that it can be adapted to all body sizes. What is less well known is that you can easily cut the tube to the length that suits you for even more running comfort! Finally, we recommend that you fill your pouch with water between - 20 and + 40°C. Do not use it for milk or alcohol and do not put it in the microwave oven.

How to properly load up your trail running bag

- First step: put the full water bladder in the compartment at the back of your bag. - In the secure rear pocket, you can store your keys, smartphone and survival blanket. - Place your waterproofs in the rear pocket and put your bag on your back. - Tighten and adjust your bag. Then fasten the bite valve. - Store your windproof jacket in the easily accessible rear kangaroo pocket. - Finally, put your gels, bars and water bottle in the front pockets.

A very simple design for a lightweight running bag.

Weighing only 140 g, your 5 L bag is lightweight and comfortable for taking with you on your short and middle-distance trail runs. Its comfortable material, ergonomic shape and accessible pockets are great for getting at your equipment more easily when running. Its adjustment straps have a velcro: you can roll them up to minimise any discomfort when running. Most of the pockets are located at the back so that they do not compress your chest.

Unique bag tested on all body sizes.

To make things easier and more simple when discovering trail running, we designed this 5 L bag in one size. And to make sure that it fits as many people as possible, we tested it with 12 trail runners – male and female – with different body sizes. Their advice and feedback helped us to continue improving this 5 L bag. Naturally, the members of our EVADICT team wore this bag for numerous trail runs and other outings!

Storage advice

Some tips regarding your water bladder: do not leave water in the pouch for more than 24 h. Rinse thoroughly with clean water after use and allow to dry before storing.

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