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Our team of trail running enthusiasts designed this 500mL flexible flask for comfortably transporting your drinks during your trail runs.. Make yourself comfortable during your trail runs. Thanks to its flexible shape, your 500 mL flask is easy to carry in hand and can be easily stowed away in your bag or trail running jacket.

Gender ADULT
VOLUME 500 ml
Pack of 1
A flexible flask making your trail runs more comfortable. Offering you flexible containers for your trail runs is the aim of our design team. Compared with a rigid water bottle, your flask is lighter, less noisy when you run and does not hinder your movements as much. What's more, it occupies less space: You can compress it gradually as you drink the contents, thereby reducing its volume!
How to maintain your flask To prevent any taste of plastic, rinse your flask in clean water 3 times before using it. Then, dry it upside down without the mouthpiece. If the plastic taste persists, place your dry flask in the freezer. You can remove the mouthpiece to clean it. This is particularly important if you are using sugary drinks! Finally, so that it doesn't make noise while you are running, remember to remove any air by sucking out the air bubbles.
What is the flask's running time and what is it compatible with? With its 500 mL capacity, your flexible flask is useful for about one hour of running time, on average. And in order to simplify your preparation and equipment, your 500 mL flask is compatible with all our trail running bags and belts!
A user-friendly design when trail running. Your 500 mL flask has a thumb hole. It can therefore be carried effortlessly even when you have pushed yourself to the limit during your trail run. The mouthpiece of the flask has an on/off position. In the off position, you can avoid any nasty surprises during transportation. In the on position, your flask will not leak while you are running: Pinch the mouthpiece and suck to drink. Finally, the flask is designed so that you can drink without removing it from the front pocket of your bag.
How was the 500 mL flask tested? To guarantee the quality of the 500 mL water bladder, our design team asked 12 runners to use it during a running session on a treadmill. Much more relaxed than a trail run, running on a treadmill gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the flow rate of the mouthpiece, the taste-free water, the lack of any discomfort when using the mouthpiece, the movements of the flask and the user comfort. With the help of the feedback provided by our testers, we designed a product for trail running.
Warranty 2 Years
Storage advice Rinse the flask thoroughly 3 times when using for the first time.Do not leave water in the flask for more than 24 h. Rinse it with clean water after use and allow to dry before storing.
Country Of Origin China,France

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