Trampoline And Protective Netting Essential 420 - Green

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WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS Total diameter: 4.2m Total height: 2.77m Product weight: 90kg Box 1 size: L 144 x W 76.2 x H 13.3cm Box 2 size: L 144 x W 76.2 x H 13.3cm Box 1 weight: 55kg Box 2 weight: 45kg
Technical characteristics Thick phthalate-free PVC protective foam on the springs: 24mm thick and 31.5cm wide. Inner polyethylene netting that zips closed for maximum protection (in front of the springs). Supple polypropylene bed with anti-UV treatment for optimal durability outdoors. Anti-UV treatment on the safety pad, bed and net. Galvanised steel with rustproof treatment. Tubes: diameter = 42mm / Thickness = 1.45mm 90 springs, each measuring 141mm
CE CERTIFICATION Our Domyos trampoline successfully passed numerous tests to certify that it complies with the new toy trampoline standards, even before these new rules came into force. Please ask if you would like to see the CE certification.
2-year warranty Need help? Visit our website: (cost of internet connection)
Maintenance and storage instructions Please note. Make sure to replace the net every 3 years. During winter, protect your trampoline from bad weather and ideally store it indoors. Remember to remove the net and feet of your trampoline when high winds are forecast in your region.
Cleaning instructions Clean the protective foam with fresh water and gentle soap. Do not use abrasive products or pressure washers.
Advice for prolonging your trampoline's lifespan If repeated jumping and UV light has damaged your Domyos Essential trampoline, there are ways of rejuvenating it. All of the spare parts, particularly the protective foam, net and bed, are available on our website.
Directions for use Please note. To be used outdoors. Please note. For family use only. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Please note. Only one user at a time. Risk of colliding with one another. We highly suggest you leave a space of 2 metres around your trampoline.
Country Of Origin China,India

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