Trek 100 Mountain Trekking Cap - Blue

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Size: 56-60cm
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Our team, who love trekking and hiking, has designed a cap that performs all the essential functions at a low price!. If you're looking for a simple, low price cap to protect you from the sun, then this cap is made for you!

Gender ADULT
MATERIAL Synthetic
WATERPROOF No Waterproof
Pack of 1
Is my cap UV protective? Although the fabric has a UPF rating >50 (so only allowing 1/50th of the sun's rays to pass through), under current regulations this cap does not qualify as UV protective as it does not cover the back of the neck which is a requirement for UV protective certification. However, your head will remain well protected.
How do you measure a fabric's quick dry capacity? The product is machine-washed 3 times and line-dried; it is then immersed in water in order to measure the time taken for the product to return to its original pre-washed weight. This cap scored an impressive 4 out of 5 stars, returning its pre-washed weight some 80 to 120 minutes after immersion
Warranty 2 Years
Country Of Origin Bangladesh,China,India,Vietnam

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