Trek 100 Mountain Trekking Multi-Position Headband - Blue

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Our passionate mountain team designed this multi-position tube scarf for trekking in all weathers (sun, cold). When it’s cold, it protects the neck and ears. When it's sunny, it will protect your head. When it's hot, it soaks up sweat, you can’t do without it when trekking!

Gender ADULT
MATERIAL Synthetic
WATERPROOF No Waterproof
Pack of 1
ADDITIONAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION By recycling [plastic bottles or partially recycled fabrics] to produce our polyester, we reduce the use of petrol-based resources while keeping the material's breathability in practice.
From yarn to finished product This tube scarf is made from polyester thread! Therefore, it has no stitches.
How do you measure a fabric's quick dry capacity? The product is machine washed 3 times then line dried, then we immerse it in water and measure how long it takes to get back to its pre-wash weight. This headband gets a very good score of 4 out of 5 stars returning to its pre-wash weight between 80 and 120 minutes following submersion
Warranty 2 Years
Country Of Origin China,Thailand,Turkey

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