Weight Training Dips Station 900

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Our design team of weight training enthusiasts created this pull-up and dip station so that users of all levels can perform bodyweight exercises.. Strengthen your whole body! With the Training Station 900, you can do all your bodyweight and circuit exercises on an easy-to-adjust pull-up and dip station that takes up less than one m²


Gender ADULT
Pack of 1
What is a pull-up and dip station? The Training Station 900 is a pull-up and dip station that you can use for functional bodyweight exercises that train your upper body, whether you want to retain or build muscle. Need a training programme? By doing multi-joint movements such as dips, pull-ups, leg raises and inverted rows, you'll train your shoulders, arms, pecs and abs.
The Training Station 900 is a pull-up and dip station designed to suit your build and your workouts. We wanted you to be able to train at home with no limits. That's why the TS 900 only takes up 1 m² of floor area. And to make sure it fits as many people as possible, our design team conducted tests with 20 athletes of different builds. The result: the TS 900 can be used by anyone measuring 1.60 m to 1.95 m and weighing up to 150 kg. And it only took us 15 prototypes to get there!
Want the stats? Here are the measurements of the Training Station 900: Height: 215 cm Floor width: 93 cm Floor depth: 117 cm You will need a 250 cm high ceiling to perform a full pull-up. Pull-up bar Bar height: 215 cm Width: 110 cm Diameter: 32 mm Footboard Height: 30 cm Dips (tricep exercise) Height: 117 cm Spread: 60 cm Box Length: 120 cm Width: 80 cm Height: 17 cm Training Station 900 weight: 41 kg Box weight: 45.3 kg
Easy adjustments for effective workouts: Once you've set up your Training Station 900, the main thing you need to adjust is the backrest for doing leg raises. This will depend on your height. The footrests mean that you can reach everything else without having to adjust anything. As well as making your pull-up and dip station more stable and reliable, the fact that you don't need to adjust things means you can do circuit workouts without stopping between exercises.
Tips from our design team to boost your progress: "When you first start doing bodyweight exercises, you might want to use training bands to take some of the weight. It's handy while you're learning to do your dips and pull-ups correctly. Once you've got the hang of things, you can start wearing a weighted jacket to increase the difficulty. So it's very progressive. If you add accessories, the machine keeps up with your progress so you can carry on using it."
Warranty 2 Years
Country Of Origin China

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